Garage Floor Epoxy

Burnaby Epoxy Flooring Experts

Burnaby Epoxy Flooring Experts

With garage floor epoxy, the best step you can take to create the most durable and flooring for your garage is to apply a garage floor epoxy coating. You will have quality flooring that looks nice, but also one that can withstand abrasions, stains, impact, and chipping. Gone are the days you have to worry that dropping a heavy tool or dragging the lawnmower out of the garage will result in unsightly scrapes and scratches on your epoxy garage floor coating.

Burnaby Epoxy Flooring Experts 100% solids garage floor epoxy is the most durable, highest-performance coating that can be legally made and sold to the public. Contractor grade, now packaged for homeowner use.

Environment Control

Garage floor epoxy is resistant to moisture, dirt, chemicals, and salts make it ideal for those living in climates. Further, it prevents unpleasant dirt and dust from spreading throughout your garage and on your possessions, typically caused when cracks and other flaws in your concrete create a powder and dust that is kicked up by foot traffic or vehicles. A garage floor coating acts as a sealer, thus making dusty garages a thing of the past. Your garage will be safer, cleaner, and much easier to clean.

Burnaby Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Burnaby Epoxy Flooring Experts is proud to offer a large variety of epoxy flooring for your garage and has tens of thousands of satisfied customers across the country. Burnaby Epoxy Flooring Experts, our industry-leading epoxy floor coating system designed specifically with garages in mind, is unmatched by any other garage floor coating system on the market today due to our innovative and proprietary Adaptive Molecular Technology.

Our process starts when you first etch your garage floor with our etching solution, which forms millions of microscopic pores in the flooring. During this prep stage, your flooring will undergo a chemical reaction that results in bonding over 100x stronger than steel.

Epoxy flooring provides an attractive sheen that protects the durable surface underneath the epoxy coating. Epoxy flooring is highly durable and will last for years to come. With other options, you’ll find you must reapply the paint frequently to keep the floors looking great.

Home value

Epoxy flooring can increase the value of your home. Potential buyers will love to have durable, shiny garage floors and might be willing to pay a higher price for a house with this type of flooring.


Epoxy floors are resistant to slippage, temperature fluctuations, extreme impact, and even fire. That means your family remains safe in your home.

Protection for your floor

An epoxy coating will also protect the floors of your garage or home and make it easier to clean. You shall be able to work on your car in the garage and not worry about any more oil stains on the floor. And it will endure all the wear and tear you can throw at it. Epoxy flooring is resistant to chemicals, so regardless of what type of work you do in the garage, your floor will be safe from harm.